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SW15 Foam/SW15 Hot Foam

The SW15 Foam and the SW15 Hot Foam are the ideal machines for cleaning upholstery with a short drying time. A special mix of thick foam is applied to the cleaning surface using a special brush. Then the dirt along with the foam is removed by the unit’s vacuum. In contrast to traditional methods of cleaning (water with detergent), dense foam does not penetrate the inner layers of the surfaces being cleaned, but only resides on the top layer - exactly where the stains are found. This allows for excellent cleaning results and a short drying time.

HOT foam is even more effective than foam at room temperature and allows an even shorter drying time (15 minutes/25 minutes). Foam is instantly heated as soon as the machine is switched on.

Features and Benefits

  • The drying time is extremely short (15 minutes Hot Foam, 25 minutes Foam). Cleaning the driver’s seat first, the seat is dry by the time the rest of the car is completely cleaned. The driver can therefore use his car immediately after cleaning.
  • Foam extraction system allows for more frequent cleaning of the car’s interior.
  • Dry foam technology allows for quick and efficient cleaning of large amounts of seats.

Basic applications

  • Allow easy cleaning of stubborn stains on fabric surfaces (upholstery, seats, etc.)
  • Ideal for use in car washes, gas stations, garages, workshops, car services, offices, factories, restaurants, shops, and much more

Technical advantages

  • High density polyethylene reservoir - very strong and durable
  • Transparent unbreakable cover that allows you to see the dirty water during cleaning
  • Recovery tank with integrated handle. This tank can be easily detached from the machine for easier emptying and cleaning.
  • The vacuum’s filter is easy to dismantle making it very easy to maintain
  • Strong wheels with anti-slip rubber
  • Water pump circuit that allows for automatic adjustment of water flow depending on the attached tip being used
  • The pumps have an exceptionally long life
  • The vacuum cleaner’s motor has overheat protection
  • The motor is protected from corrosion
  • The modular design makes maintenance easier. Maintenance of equipment is done in a relatively short period of time at low cost.

Technical characteristics

  SW 15 FOAM
Recovery tank capacity: 14 liters 14 liters
Solution tank capacity: 14 liters 14 liters
Tank construction: High density polyethylene High density polyethylene
Vacuum motor:
Maximum waterlift:
Maximum air-flow:
Two stages - High Waterlift
1500 W
3000 mm H2O
50 l/sec.
Two stages - High Waterlift
1500 W
3000 mm H2O
50 l/sec.
Pump with by-pass:
Maximum pressure:
Maximum water-flow:
70 W
4 bar
1.5 l/min
70 W
4 bar
1.5 l/min
Compressor: 350 W 350 W
Heater power: - 1800W (1500W at 100V)
Max foam temperature: Room temperature About 50°C
Foam humidity adjustable adjustable
Max performances (approximate): 20-30 seats/h 20-30 seats/h
Solution consumption (water+ detergent): 30-40 grams/seats 30-40 grams/seats
Dilution rate: 1 part detergent to 4 parts water 1 part detergent to 4 parts water
Cable length: 10 m 10 m
Hose length: 2,5 m 2,5 m
Weight (machine body): 38 kg 48 kg
Weight ( packaged machine): 55 Kg 65 Kg
Dimensions: 32 x 55 x 87 cm 32 x 55 x 97 cm
Package dimensions: 42 x 65 x 100 cm 42 x 65 x 100 cm
Standard colors: Blue Blue